5 Ways Depression and Memory Loss Impact Your Brain

Depression and Memory Loss

In this modern era of technology, more and more people are suffering from depression. Which is accompanied by poor concentration, sleep disturbance, and many other issues that make your daily life hard. You might also have a question in mind about how depression and memory loss are connected. What is the scientific reason behind that? … Read more

Learn The Truth About Can Birth Control Cause Depression In The Next 60 Seconds

Can Birth Control Cause Depression

Studies have found that people who use synthetic hormone-based contraception have problems with their mental health, such as depression and other mental health problems. Hormones are the chemical messengers in the body. They carry messages all over the body. The way people feel about Can Birth Control Cause Depression and mental well-being and the way … Read more

Understanding The Background of How Does Depression Affect the Brain.


More than only making it harder to enjoy one’s life, depression has a number of negative consequences. It is possible that your ability to think will be impaired as a result of this. Paying attention, recalling information, and making sound judgments are all impaired as a result of this condition. Because your executive functions may … Read more