5 Ways Depression and Memory Loss Impact Your Brain

Depression and Memory Loss

In this modern era of technology, more and more people are suffering from depression. Which is accompanied by poor concentration, sleep disturbance, and many other issues that make your daily life hard. You might also have a question in mind about how depression and memory loss are connected. What is the scientific reason behind that? … Read more

How does Depression Cause Memory Loss?  Mechanisms and Effects  

does depression cause memory loss

Does depression cause memory loss? Let’s first examine what MDD is in order to fully  understand this concept. Major depressive disorder (MDD), sometimes known as depression, is a  serious medical condition that frequently affects people’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.  Thankfully, it is also curable. Sadness or a loss of interest in previous hobbies are the … Read more

Guided mindfulness meditation for depression  

allergies causing fever

Are you wanted to get rid of depression permanently? Then you should practice meditation. It will seem a little conspiratorial to you who say that depression will get better soon. Keep yourself happy, smile; enjoy life to the fullest… To some extent, you are aware that meditation will not eliminate this symptom. But it may … Read more

Top 8 Steps How To Stop a Migraine


A migraine is like a jack in the box. You open it up to see what’s inside, but once you see it, you wish you hadn’t! It can be such a headache that aspirin or ibuprofen may be the last thing on your mind. The ideas below may help you feel better until your medicine … Read more

The 14 best heart healthy meals

best heart healthy meals

The heart is one of the most valued parts of your body. If it’s low, you’re low. You can do something to give your heart what it wants to work efficiently.  Here are 14 heart healthy meals to include in your diet to help you get the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants you need to … Read more



Health chiefs have indicated that they are officially regulating a recent edition of Covid-19 which has been a tag of “STEALTH OMICRON”. The UK Health Safety Agency has noted BA.2 a “Variant under inquiry”- on the level beneath a “variant of concern” later first data recommended it may be both further transmissible and useful to … Read more

How is the process of inserting the penis into the vagina work?

inserting the penis into the vagina

Inserting the penis into the vagina is sometimes worse if we don’t correctly. This topic is not new for us. But not everyone wants to talk about it, maybe just because of society’s restrictions or judgment fears. But if you are a real man, you know your relationship happiness and satisfaction too much depends on … Read more

Here are 7 reasons why you’re less sexually active

less sexually active

When we become less sexually active, is it normal? It really should Bring people as no great shock that nothing stays the very same. But if our bodies naturally didn’t go down, the passing of time means memories, lessons, and development that affect a person’s personality, beliefs, behaviors, and priorities. Some of these improvements are … Read more