Understanding The Background of How Does Depression Affect the Brain.


More than only making it harder to enjoy one’s life, depression has a number of negative consequences. It is possible that your ability to think will be impaired as a result of this. Paying attention, recalling information, and making sound judgments are all impaired as a result of this condition. Because your executive functions may … Read more

The Problem with High Functioning Depression

High Functioning Depression

The symptoms of high functioning depression are comparable to those of major depression. however, they are less severe. The symptoms include changes in eating and sleeping patterns, poor self-esteem, weariness, hopelessness, and difficulties focusing. Medication and counseling are options for treatment. The formal term for high-functioning depression is a persistent depressive disorder or PDD. Many … Read more

Link Between Pornography And Depression

pornography and depression

Some cultural ideas, spiritual beliefs, or myths promote the concept that pornography is linked to mental health issues such as depression. However, there isn’t enough data to back this up right now. According to the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), there is insufficient evidence to identify pornographic usage or addiction as … Read more