Your Good Health to My safe live

We have strict rules and regulations for the preservation of all the personal information of our
web visitors. Your privacy is completely confidential. The team isn’t allowed to share your
personal information with any third party for the sake of any profit. We keep your privacy intact,
considering it our personal issue.

Security policy.

Our security policy is very attentive regarding your personal information. We have decided on a team that is responsible for collecting the information we need in the future. The policies made for the team ensure complete end-to-end encrypted emails or chats. You don’t need to worry about your personal data. As a matter of fact, the data collection process by our community is completely safe.

Why do we collect your personal data?

Our blog site has its own terms and conditions. We do collect the number of our web visitors., Their area of interest and their most possible problems. We do this for a few purposes. We collect the number of visitors to have a glimpse of how many people visit our site. Just to have clear numerical analytics of our website visitors. It helps us to diagnose more tactics if we notice any decline in the number of people on our site. 

We gather the most frequent research information to have an idea about your health concerns. It will help us provide clear data about the health problems a major population is facing. The data is used by our research and development team to search for more profitable health tips for you. We can come up with multiple blogs only if you cooperate telling us your problem, and we will provide you every possible solution for your problem. This is the only reason for us to compile your personal data.

Email addresses for the subscription details.

We do collect emails for the weekly subscription to tell you about the latest trends and news about our website. We don’t sell your data, your personal emails to any agency. We collect your data for our own analytical details. It’s not for the purpose of any marketing selling or anything.

The ads you receive related to our blog are because of your search results.

You may receive multiple product details that are health beneficial after visiting our site. Our site just makes the analytics clear for the advertisers to offer you the best products that can help you so far. You can get relevant ads because of the involvement of add sense. These search engines also gather your information to show you the ads according to your search. YouGoodHealth works in the same way.Your personal information stays safe and confidential with us. We don’t sell your privacy up to our profit or any companies that can prove dangerous to you and your family