Hand free orgasm

Hand free orgasm? Is it possible? How does it happen? Everybody is eager to try something new and exciting in bed. But the concept of hand free orgasm is just beyond the imagination and fascinating. So let’s talk about it and discuss new ways to enjoy and satisfy yourself in bed without using your hands.

So here are some tips for you:

Dirty talking

Please talk with your partner and ask him to talk dirty to you and tell you what they want to do with you. When he talks about different moves and dirty actions, your sensations get triggered. It takes time, but it helps to orgasm without using hands.


Ok does the porn movies also help get you to hand free orgasm? So the answer is yes. When we see porn movies, our genital part gets triggered, and we can feel sensations. Often we have the urge to get an orgasm by using our hands or partner. But this time, try it without hands or partner just saw the movie alone, or you can only talk to your partner it also helps you get a perfect erection.

Sleep orgasm

So you saw a blue film but didn’t get a satisfactory climax? Ok, now try to get an orgasm during sleep. Take all your naked thoughts in your mind, take a deep breath, and try to sleep; it will take time, but you may erect before sleep.

Sex toys

Now let’s try your dildo! Yes, it is also an excellent method to get a perfect orgasm but remember it’s hand free orgasm. Don’t use your hands; adjust your vibrator in your genital parts and enjoy the sensation also, ask your boyfriend to help you, but without hands, trust me, it will help.

Erotic hypnosis  

Oh, so you don’t know about erotic hypnosis? Just open youtube or your search web and type sensual beats to see many erotic sounds or videos that offer you hand free orgasm. You know what happens when we off the lights, put our pants off and feel hat beats. Try it.

Gentle touching

Touching in hand free orgasm? Yeah, it allows hand free orgasm but only gentle touching in your sensitive areas but not finger into your vagina. Imagine watching a porn movie touching your genital areas and enjoying it helps get perfect orgasm. You can also take help from your partner.

Rub and Squeeze

Have patience and recall your student days. I recommend having your lover massage their bodies and bits on your leg, genital, knees, and neck. Orgasm can be produced by contact and excitement. If you’re facial expression, kiss them while they’re doing it. You can even nibble or suck your lover’s neck, scream in their ears, or make any hands-free orgasm motion if they like.

Try your dirty imagination.

Ok, you are alone and want to do some fun. So imagine you are cooking in your kitchen, and your boyfriend comes and grab your butt and squeeze your boobs by rubbing his penis on your butt hows does it feel? Like these, use your dirty fantasies as you want your lover to do with you, which will help you beyond your imagination.

Oral sex with Hand free orgasm

Oral sex helps you achieve a hand free orgasm by stimulating your clitoris, and it will feel much more intense than just rubbing yourself. Additionally, because oral sex involves your partner focusing all of their energy on giving you pleasure, they are more likely to make you climax. So while it doesn’t sound like something that would help during my time, giving someone else oral satisfaction leads to better orgasms for both parties!

Pelvic thrusting

It’s as if you’re trying to touch your lover, but it’s not quite the same. Contact is the target of rubbing. It’s all about intimate contact in this approach. There are no gadgets because there are no hands. To the pelvis! It is just like rubbing your penis to your girlfriend’s vagina.

Splashing in the water

For some guys, the water turns out to be a fantastic supply of excitement. Keep in mind that hands-free is just that, so if you need to use a gadget, even a shower nozzle, which is still hands-free. Get adventurous the very next time you’re in the washroom! Play with the pressure caused on various regions of your body. Concentrate on the feelings you’re having. Dildo and steam showers are also available for use. If you have a vaginal opening, avoid putting anything right into the genital opening. But, putting oneself under a flowing faucet or using a pressure washer on the clit can be pretty relaxing.

Experience the tenderness and warmth

This idea is when your brain’s actual power comes into the picture. Concentrate all of your physical desire into the gap between your rectum and your vaginal opening. Absorb it as it rises from the earth and into your body. Remember to breathe freely. You can begin to expand and close your knees. Already though, you should be inhaling deep, long sexual sighs and exhaling more forcefully.

Take help from your phone.

Set a timer on your phone with one moment over the next, and put the gadget on your dressed vulva to ring in a great scream. Make sure your phone is on vibration, and let’s enjoy your hand free orgasm.

Electronic Brush sensations

To feel some pretty intense sensations, place a sheet or handkerchief between your vaginal opening and the electric toothbrush or the bottom (both can operate) – or keep your panties on – and push it against your clit. Believe it will give you an orgasm beyond your imagination.

Take advantage of driving.

When you’re driving down a rough road or seat-dancing to a romantic tune, the zipper of your pants can touch your genital lips- maintain your hands on the steering wheel and your paying attention to the road. Just enjoy these kickings to your clit and get your hand free orgasm.

Take a blow job from your towel.

Slide a wide towel or napkin in your genital lips to the front and backward, so it grinds on your clit and vagina wall until you achieve a flaming release. Oh my goodness, how exciting is this that your vagina triggers by your towel.

Note: Pick secure stuff like cushions, napkins, or even other things that don’t need vaginal penetration if you’re searching for everyday items that will take you to hands-free orgasm.

Conclusion: So hand free orgasm is all about enjoying the new experience with different methods. Be patient and enjoy this but in the limit to don’t hurting yourself. Also, take help from your partner to always get an orgasm while you are just talking to do something.

Oh yeah! Let’s do it.

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